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Support Ukrainian Rescue Efforts

As we have all seen the horrors happening in Ukraine, we think about not only the people suffering, but also the millions of animals. Right now, thousands of animals are still in shelters in Ukraine, unable to receive food or medical aid due to unsafe passages and thousands more have fled with their owners. These owners and their animals are walking hundreds of miles to reach safety, unsure where their next meals will come from. Here at Underdog, we believe no animal should be left behind.


We designed these shirts to promote that belief. That no animal is left behind and no owner is forced to make the decision to separate from their pet. These shirts are custom designed with all proceeds going to local animal shelters in Ukraine and animal rescues providing food, shelter, and medical aid to pets that have evacuated with their owners.


This work isn’t only necessary during the war. The after-effects will be felt for years to come in Ukraine and the neighboring countries. The number of displaced animals will be significant and will be felt strongly by already overcrowded shelters. 


All proceeds from the shirts will go directly to the below animal shelters and rescues on the ground in Ukraine. If you don’t want a shirt but still want to donate, you can do so using the links below. 


Thank you to the Underdog family for your endless support and generosity during these horrific times. Animal people always stick together. 


Happy Paw:

  • Facebook

  • Learn about the organization here

  • Make a donation via PayPal- the account is registered to the founder of the fund Olga Spektor:

Gostomel Shelter:

Friend Rehabilitation Center

Make a donation via PayPal-

Adoption Add-Ons

Picking up an animal from Underdog? Purchase one of these add ons and we'll supply it to you at the time of  your adoption! We can help get you started with product recommendations, supplies, and more.

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