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Toby was able to have his vision restored with double entropion repair surgery at an ophthalmology specialist. It wasn't cheap, but it was oh-so worth it.

How we use our money:

Underdog is fully volunteer based, and relies completely on donations from the public. 

100% of donation proceeds go towards medical bills, food and foster supplies, and resources to keep animals with their families. 

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Underdog Spotlight: Mellow

Ask anyone who works with Underdog and they will all say the same thing:

How can a dog who's been through so much and feel so crummy still be so sweet?

Mellow is a 5 year old girl who came to us after living in unfit conditions without appropriate medical care, leading to her skin issues getting wildly out of control. She also has had puppies who sadly did not make it. 

We are delighted to have Mellow in our care, and are honored to be the ones who get to make her feel better, but it's going to be a long road. 

Mellow gets medicated baths at least 3 times a week, medication, and has her pajamas changed to protect her from causing more self-inflicted trauma from itching her tender skin. Her belly is oozy and hot, and her ears are sensitive.

Despite all of that, Mellow loves people more than anything in the world. She's turned down treats and toys in favor of snuggles. She tolerates the poking and prodding, the regular bath times and vet trips. Mellow is resilient and sweet, and we can't wait to make her feel her best again.

How you can help:

Mellow needs lots of vet trips and supplies to get her back to square one in terms of her health. She needs multiple sets of pajamas, special food, medication, and more. When her health is a little better, she'll need to be spayed and gotten up to date on her preventative care. 

Anything you can spare to help this sweetheart get back to feeling good again is greatly appreciate. 100% of donations given using the Square Donate button to the left will go directly to Mellow's care.


And of course, please share her story! Help us get the word out, Mellow needs our help, and she is so deserving.

Mellow and Underdog thank you for your support and love. 


Here are a few Underdog Alumni that your donations helped save: