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Urgent need: Nyla

Nyla Xray.jpg

Our beloved 2 year old black cat Nyla hurt herself somehow while in foster- we suspect her 14# heft may have had something to do with it, or a a reappearance of an old injury.

Nyla's long-term foster found her limping and unable to bear weight on her leg. Her vet found this fracture, which will require splinting, weekly re-bandaging, and repeat x-rays to ensure she's healing correctly- and of course, pain meds to keep our girl comfortable.

We always will do what's best for our Underdogs, and if that means surgery down the line, it may come to that.

Of course, all of this adds up quickly and dips into funds we need for all our animals. Can you help contribute to Nyla's medical bills? She's so worth it.



Thanks to monetary donations,

Mellow was rescued from a life in a garage with nasty skin infections. She has been adopted by a loving family who provides her with the love and vet care she deserves!

How we use our money:

Underdog is fully volunteer based, and relies completely on donations from the public. 

100% of donation proceeds go towards medical bills, food and foster supplies, and resources to keep animals with their families. 

Any amount makes a huge difference. If you can spare a few dollars now, or want to become a regular donor, use the "donate money" button below. This goes directly to our Square site, which allows us to quickly put your funds to use.

Want to donate more specifically? Visit our Amazon wishlist to help provide specific food, toys, neonate kitten support, and more!

Use Amazon Smile? We're an approved recipient!

Underdog is a registered 501c3 nonprofit at the federal and state level. Documentation for tax write offs available upon request.

Interested in helping fund our physical location or make larger capital contributions? Please reach out to to coordinate. Thank you for thinking of us!

Underdog Spotlight: End of 2022 Reflections

As we rapidly approach the end of 2022, it's important we stop and reflect on the good we were able to accomplish this year, and our hopes for the next.

Underdog Pet Rescue and Rehab is a small, private rescue group doing the best we can with what little we have. But despite being a small org that started at the peak of COVID-19, we've hit some pretty big milestones!:

-A 200% increase in the number of unaltered animals we were able to support
-The ability to take on new, more intense medical cases
-3 new vet partnerships
-3 new shelter partnerships
-A 175% increase in our foster program volume
-Our first neonate kitten cases
-Countless hours of unpaid behavioral support to animals we didn't even intake
-An increase from 2021 in the number of adoptions of animals into forever homes!

These images are just a few of the new animals we were able to help in 2022, including 2 major medical dog cases, 1 senior dog, 1 behavioral long term foster, neonate kittens, pregnant moms, and more!

How you can help:

As we move into 2023, we're looking for ways to support the animals in our community who need us even more. Our biggest 2023 goals are:

  • To increase the number of dogs we intake

  • To acquire and develop a physical location to build into a community resource, not a shelter! While we plan to do some temporary animal housing, the ultimate goal has been and always will be to make animals feel prepared for life in a home, not a shelter.

  • Develop community programs. We have hopes to implement adoption events, behavioral consultation, microchipping and vaccine clinics, and more!

And though it sounds crass, the best way you can support us, as always, is by monetary donations. Your money will always go directly to animal care, not to staff or admin. Consider a larger gift to help us reach these 2023 resolutions!


Here are a few Underdog Alumni that your donations helped save:

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