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How it works:

1. Select a pet from our available animals!

2. Complete the Adoption Application.

3. An adoption counselor will screen your answers and reach out via phone if it's a good fit. We get tons of applications and cannot reach out to everyone. We use a selective adoption system (we are NOT first come, first serve) and will only reach out if an application is selected for review.

4. Via phone call, the counselor provides extra details, answers questions, and if ready to move on, schedules an in-person (or contactless via Zoom) adoption meeting with the foster home.

5. We arrange a meeting with their foster home.

6. Should all go smoothly, we sign any necessary adoption paperwork, collect the adoption fee, and send you on your way with your new family member! Select the "finalize adoption" button above.

Adoption fees:

Our adoption fees are by age and need:



One (single) kitten under 6 months: $200 for one kitten,

Two (pair) of kittens: $350 for two under 6 months

One young adult (6 mo-1 year): $150

Adults: $100

Seniors: $60

Special pricing is often offered for pairs, cats with medical or behavioral needs, or more. Discount only available when previously approved by Underdog.


Puppies: Starting at $400, price set by puppy's needs

Adult dogs: Adoption fee depends on dog, ask for individual fees. We often send dogs home with more equipment, such as crates, training resources, leashes, so price changes depending on what must be sent.

What does that include?:

All Underdog Cats come with:

-Age appropriate vaccines (FVRCP, Rabies after 4 months)

-Blanket/prophylactic deworming

-Revolution flea treatment

-Microchip (registered by us to you upon adoption)


-Medical exam

-Food to start

-Favorite toys/blankets/scratchers etc

(Our rescue does not blanket FIV/FeLV test due to new data showing unreliability of asymptomatic blanket testing. We test if there is medical cause for concern.)

Underdog Dogs come with:

-Age appropriate vaccines (DHPP, Bordatella, Rabies)

-Blanket/prophylactic deworming

-Revolution flea treatment

-Microchip (registered by us to you upon adoption)


-Medical exam

-Behavioral evalution

-Basic training (intro to leash and kennel training)

-Food to start

-Favorite toys

Some dogs come with further supplies or offers such as:


-Training resources

-Leashes or collars if needed


All animals come with the option to have Underdog help with introductions with children, existing pets, new pets, etc. We will alawys take our animals back. In the event you are unable to continue to care for your Underdog pet, please contact us and we will take them back or, hopefully, work with you to help keep them in their forever home.

Adoption requirements:

We require all adopters to consent to follow our standards of care and adoption agreement, including but not limited to:

-Providing lifelong food, shelter, veterinary check ups and care, grooming when necessary, and medical care.

-In some extreme cases, we may require a home visit (this will be specified on their adoption description if so).

-In some medical or behavioral cases, we may require you sign a behavioral adoption plan and waiver, or a medical plan and waiver agreeing that you have been informed of the animal's current status and needs, and agree to uphold the plan we've set forth that was developed by trainers and medical experts.

-All adopters must be over 18 and the final decision maker for the household.

-Proof of landlord consent may be required.


-ALL cats must be kept exclusively indoors.

-Declawing is prohibited.

-Kittens under 9 months MUST be adopted with or go home to another young (under 5 years old) cat.


-All dogs must be housed indoors (no exclusive outdoor dogs).

-No medically unnecessary physical modifications such as ear cropping, tail docking, debarking.

-If you have another dog, we require dog intros prior to adoption.

-In some rare cases dog adoption may require proof of partnership with a trainer to ensure future success.

Should the standards of care and terms of the adoption agreement fail to be met, for the safety of the animal, animals may be reclaimed in cases of violation of this agreement.

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