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A series of guides to help you get started

(Pardon our dust- this page is under construction! Some links may be broken or incomplete)

A quick guide for getting started

This guide has great information for adopters and foster parents alike for getting a cat used to a new space. This advise applies to all new cats and includes guidance from vet and behavioral experts.

Bringing home your new dog!

Remember, the first 72 hours are the hardest! This guide goes through how to prep to bring your new best friend home, and what you can expect for the first few days, weeks, and months


All things Kitten!

Everything a new kitten owner needs to know

All the do's and dont's for new kitten owners learning the ropes of cat care


Help them comfortably and confidently make new friends

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the best ways to introduce your existing pets to their new family members.


Health at a glance

A guide to knowing what's normal, and when it's time for the vet

Knowing when your pet is sick is harder than you might think! This is a quick guide on recognizing illness, pain, and common issues in fosters or new pets.

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