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Age: ~2 years old

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Known history:

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Known

Children: Known

Meet Velma! Like many Underdogs before here, Velma had a bit of a rocky start to life through no fault of her own. She has absolutely blossomed in foster and is eager to please. Velma is the happiest dog and wants to be a part of all the action. She is working on her spatial awareness or understanding of how big she is, she has more energy than she's ever had. She loves all people and believes she is a lap dog. She grows more confident every day and it brings out more of her quirky personality. Velma is quite a funny girl with her happy noises and her prancing around outside like a deer. She is the gentlest soul and loves to play with her toys and play chase. Velma loves cuddles, soft blankets, and doing tap dances when she's excited. She is potty trained and is doing well in her crate training in her current foster.

Velma's story:

Underdog received an email from an Eastern Washington shelter looking for a rescue to take in a sweet, neglected Pittie. Velma was a part of an animal abuse case. She was abandoned with many other dogs in a small trailer, where they were found in an unspeakable environment. Velm was extremely underweight, had infections, and scars from being picked on by the other dogs. We aren't sure how many, but Velma has likely had too many litters, none recently due to how emaciated she was.

Velma has grown up around many other dogs, that had picked on her. This can be seen from the scars along her body. Though, most are filling in and healing, she can be wary around new dogs. She is more passive and avoidant when meeting new dogs. With time, she has been co-existing with other dogs. She has to build trust that her new companion won't hurt her and an owner who will advocate for her. Velma could go home as a separate dog or could go home to the right match. Velma enjoys playing chase and tug-a-war. She loves cuddling with her foster brother during downtime. She would be great friends with a dog that would respect her space as they get to know eachother.


Velma has shown to be a happy and trusting girl. She is always tail-wagging. So much so that she had developed a bad case of happy tail in the shelter, which resulted in her having to have her tail amputated. In foster, Velma has gained weight, but it will take some time for her to fill out. Though given her neglect, Velma is a healthy girl!


Any age humans 

Respectful dogs, preferably with a "push, pull" playstyle (Dog intro required)

A continuation of her education/training plan (our team can help create this)

Commitment to a structured feeding as she gains weight

Likely not a good fit for homes with cats, livestock, or small animals

Interested in adopting Velma? Contact us for the next steps! We can talk you through her history, needs, and more!

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