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Photo dump

With amazing new smart phone cameras, you have a photo studio in your pocket. 

Help us show off your fosters! Use the Google Photo Album below to upload photos for sharing!*

*This is a communal folder where others can see what you share and post, so use caution.

Google Photos

Photo tips:

  • Use Portrait Mode on your phone whenever possible to blur out your background

  • Be mindful of posting sensitive information, such as your address or family's faces

  • We'll crop whenever possible, so try to center the photo on the foster

  • Put black or dark colored animals in high contrast areas, like Abby on the green grass

  • Use squeaky toys, treats, wand toys, and other bribes to get them to look at the camera!

  • Action shots are great!

  • Clothes, bandanas, bows, costumes, anything to call attention to your foster! If they'll tolerate it without stress, go for it!

  • The more photos, the better. Photos are the number one way to catch an adopter!

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