Open communication

There's a lot of mystery surrounding the shelter industry, and for an understandable reason: it's not all kittens and cuddles. It can be a rough world compared to what gets shown on social media. Underdog is committed to open, honest communication about the realities of sheltering. This includes open discourse, teaching, and understanding what leads pets to end up in shelters. We hope to lead by example, aiding support to our fellow shelters and rescues, and working together to create a future that doesn't look quite so bleak.

In the same spirit of this openness, Underdog likes to share its internal processes as transparently as possible. It's required as a 501c3 Charitable Organization that we share our formation documents, budgets, board meetings, and donations, but we'd be happy to do so anyway. We think that the only way to open eyes about the shelter industry is to show just what it takes to save even one life. Our budget is still in progress, and when we have reports on our donation statements, those will be uploaded as well. Feel free to check out our 501c3 documentation, (2nd page here), our Secretary of State certificate, and look at our minutes (coming soon). If interested, here are our Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws. And as always, we welcome your questions. Feel free to reach out to us, and check back more for updates as they come.

We're still a new organization, and are learning and growing. Bear with us as we find our feet! We are excited for the huge new undertaking, and to share the process with you.


All the Best,


President of Underdog