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Age: ~5 months old

Breed: Shepherd mix

Adoption fee: $400

Known history:

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Children:  No

Meet Toothless! She is a 5-month-old shepherd mix. Toothie is a beautiful, dopey little girl. She came from Eastern Washington and has slowly been learning her manners in the foster home! She is the sweetest and loves to cuddle with her people after playtime. She enjoys chewing her toys, wrestling with her doggy foster brother, and getting neck scratches. Like most puppies, she is still exploring her world with her mouth. She's learning quickly, but she's still young and has lots of time to learn!

In her foster home, she has been doing basic training. Toothless is a very smart girl and catches on quickly, but her attention span is limited. She is crate trained and has not had any accidents in the house! She is working on sit, lay down, and place. She loves pets and special treats as rewards.
 She will do okay with another tolerant and playful dog, as she is still learning how to play appropriately with her peers. She enjoys wrestling and playing tug, but hasn't quite figured out how to play chase! 

She will need an adopter who is willing to continue her training in her permanent home. Underdog is happy to make sure the adopter has as successful a transition as possible! She has been working on crate training, leash training, and basic obedience. She's a quick learner, but consistency is key.

Toothless would do best with:
- Older Children (10+)
- Going home to another playful dog or being an only dog
- Possibly cats for a potential adopter who has experience with slow introductions

- An adopter willing to continue her in-home training and keep up on structure (leash manners, crate training, etc).

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