adoption pending!

Age: ~3-4

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Known history:

Cats: Known

Dogs: Known

Children: Unknown

Meet Rupert! This sweet man has a devoted fan club, and it's not hard to understand why! With his hilarious noises, winning smile, and snuggly personality, Rupert has so much to offer.

Rupert's story:

Before coming to Underdog, Rupert spent many days in his shelter, adopted and returned. While everyone agreed that he's sweet, adorable, and wonderful, Rupert has struggled in the past with some bad habits. Rupert had some fear reactivity that caused him to nip at things that scared him. He needed time and training to adjust to the big, scary world, understandable as a dog who has spent months and months in a frightening environment.


After a few false starts, Rupert finally found a home with a mom who loves him. Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of her control, she found that she had no other option but to return him again to the shelter. However, the shelter decided that they could no longer offer him intake, and instead scheduled him for "Euthanasia Upon Return." This was the last thing that his mom wanted, but she felt she had no other options.

Hearing about his case at the literal 11th hour, Rupert's foster parents were able to offer him a (albeit temporary) home, and an opportunity for him to learn how to interact with the world in a safe way. He flourished in foster; he got training, gained confidence, and lost a LOT of weight that was slowing him down and making him uncomfortable. He is living life to the fullest!

Although his foster family loves him dearly, it's time for Rupert to find his forever home and a space that is 100% his, and a family that will love and advocate for his comfort and safety. If you have room in your heart for a snuggly hippo, let us know!


Rupert should go to a home with:


No Cats

Some dogs, no small dogs. (Rupert is dog selective; dog intro required)

A continuing education/training plan (our team can help create this)