Due to the need for an organization such as ours, we received MANY requests for our services. Right now we are focused on rapid expansion to be able to provide our help to as many pets as possible.

PHASE 1: Development (we are here)

Underdog's board is meeting and talking constantly, devoting our time into creating our processes, securing funding, and establishing ourselves as a lifeline. We have already taken in a few pets that need our help, but we're still working to not just get our feet on the ground, but to hit that ground running.





Clerical volunteers

Real estate guidance

Even though we are still in the development phase, we already have pets in our care! This just goes to show that there is a desperate need for services such as ours, and we are doing our best to never turn our backs on pets in need. Fundraising is crucial, not just for a hypothetical future, but for pets now!

Thanks to your donations, we've already been able to save lives and find homes! Here are some of the successes that were possible due to your support! Thank you!!

PHASE 2: Intake

We hope to expand our foster network until such time as we can move into our physical location. In this time we will train and support our foster team to be empowered to take care of these pets and to follow our Plan of Action for each pet. Depending on the pet this may just involve time to gain confidence all the way to complete behavioral rehabilitation. For this reason, our biggest need is long-term foster homes. When we gain this network, we can scale up the number of lives we save, and scale down the number of pets surrendered and removed from their homes and families.

PHASE 3: Physical growth

We hope to have a physical location by the end of the year, and within 5 years, have a physical location that we can customize to fit the needs of our pets. This will truly allow us to take in the maximum number of pets, provide more resources to owners, and more.

PHASE 4: Staffing

For now, Underdog is powered by 100% volunteer time. Everyone on the board has a full time job, but would love to transition into providing care and intake for Underdog full time. We hope to transition from board members to operational staff within a year. This will allow us to focus all of our time and energy on these pets we love so much.

At this point we will need new board members to pass the torch to, who will keep us following our mission and supporting the important work of Underdog.

PHASE 5: Save lives!

We hope Underdog serves the community for perpetuity, and to be a valuable resource to the animals and people we love so dearly.


Right now, the best way you can help is by helping us raise funds to offer more services, secure a physical location, as well as pay staff what they deserve to be paid (right now it is 100% volunteer driven!)

Ways to donate:

Please use the links on our Fundraising page to donate! If you would like to have more questions answered before doing so, feel free to use our "Contact Us" form and a board member would be delighted to chat with you about the specifics of our expense, processes, and more. We want you to feel confident that your money is going where it should- to the pets!

If you're interested in being a major donor, we're so honored. Please use the contact form and our treasurer will be in touch.

Ways to volunteer:

Right now, we are recruiting dog savvy foster homes! Our foster parents receive unconditional and unlimited support and 24/7 access to our staff to ensure they have everything they need to fulfill the rehabilitation needs of our pets. As we are 100% foster based until we can secure our new physical location, we need more fosters than ever to keep pets and their families happy and safe. If you're interested in being a foster parent, use the contact button below and we'll be in touch!

Fostering is the only volunteer opportunity that interacts with the pets for now, so check back later for other opportunities.

Pet Professionals looking to volunteer:

We love connecting with other professionals in our industry! Feel free to reach out and connect. We love establishing new connections!