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Age: ~2 years old

Breed: German Shepherd

Known history:

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Known

Children: Known

Meet Klahaya! Klahaya was named after the vet who saved her life. Like many Underdogs before here, Klahaya had a bit of a rocky start to life through no fault of her own. She has absolutely blossomed in foster and is eager to please. She has limited spatial awareness or understanding of how big she is, which is most likely due to her being an outside dog. She is independent but will come back to check in with kisses or a belly rub for reassurance that she's being good. She grows more confident every day and it brings out more of her quirky personality. She has really bonded with her foster brother and tends to copy him regularly, which has helped with her inside manners. Klahaya is quite a funny girl with her noises and lack of body awareness. She is the gentlest soul and loves to play with her toys and play chase. She has become potty and crate trained in her current foster.

Klahaya's story:

Underdog's president received a phone call from a vet looking for a rescue to take in a sweet, young German Shepherd. Her owner had requested euthanasia for a bite that occurred during a scuffle with the other dog in the home. The vet couldn't bring himself to do it, and we're so glad he reached out to us because this sweetheart amazed us at every turn.


We learned that she had spent the beginning of her life chained up outside. Underweight and unsocialized, Klahaya needed a new lifestyle. A loving family took her in, and what a different world that was! Going from living on a chain outdoors, to a bustling indoor environment with 4 children and another dog, Klahaya found herself overwhelmed. Her previous mom said she got along great with the kids, but reports scuffles between Klahaya and the other dog, thus resulting in her surrender to Underdog.


After some training in foster, Klahaya was ready for a loving home life! Things that were new and scary to her before (TVs, sinks, etc) now made sense! And after some practice, Klahaya and her foster brother (a pitbull named Zuko) are best friends who wrestle, snuggle, and get along great. After her time in foster, we're confident that she can continue her life as the sweetheart we know her to be.


Update 3/29/2021

Klahaya was adopted for many months and their adopter received training from our board member. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be a good fit within that home. As the world returns to normal, lifestyles are changing more and everyone is getting busier again. We know Klahaya just needs some structure, someone dedicated to her training, and confidence. She is still the sweetest girl and eager to please those around her.


Klahaya should go to a home with:

Any age humans (as long as they are respectful)

Some dogs (Dog intro required)

A continuation of her education/training plan (our team can help create this)

Experience and knowledge about German Shepherds or other working breeds

Interested in adopting Klahaya? Contact us for the next steps! We can talk you through her history, needs, and more!

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