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Age: 10 months

Breed: Tabby DSH 

Known history:

Cats: Yes

Dogs: No

Children: Respectful Kids

Meet George & Toby! These two came to us from California and have had a couple of stressful weeks. They came to us in the fall and were very shy and skittish, but have grown into sweet snuggle bugs in foster. After months of care, they have found huge comfort in each other. These goofy brothers spend their time grooming each other, chatting loudly with their foster siblings, eating Churu tubes, and squirrel watching!

Toby's medical concerns:

Upon arrival from California, Underdog noted squinting and discharge from Toby's eyes and began treatment for what was initially believed to be an eye infection. Toby then developed URI like symptoms and struggled with swollen and painful eyes. His eyelids swelled shut and he struggled to hold them open, even to play. Several vet trips later and unsuccessful medication trials, Toby was referred to Animal Eye Clinic, an ophthalmologist in Seattle for answers.

Toby was diagnosed with Feline Chlamydophila, which is luckily treatable with antibiotics. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the infection, Toby had developed entropion in each eye. A painful condition in which the outer eyelid rolls inward and rubs on the eye causing discomfort and discharge, this will require surgery in both eyes. Luckily AEC was ready and able to perform this corrective surgery to restore his vision and quality of life. His surgery went smoothly and is now recovering in his foster home, getting better day by day. We expect no further complications or issues, and was given a clean bill of health!

George is the darker, short hair, tabby with a white chest. He has beautiful tabby and dark swirl markings and is as soft as can be! He is more confident than his brother but still needs a slow introduction. He is jumpy and shy, but extremely sweet, playful, and likes attention. George is a huge purr machine once he feels comfortable enough to be pet by his human! Toby is the shyer of the two boys and has a whiter face. He has beautiful tabby and dark swirl markings and is as soft as can be! He has had a tough few months medically. But now is on the mend and ready to start off the rest of his life with his brother!


Toby and George are seeking a patient and understanding adopter that will help these loving brothers blossom! If you're interested, please fill out the pre-adoption form found on the adoption page.

George & Toby would do best with:
- Respectful & Calm Children (12+) with cat experience
- A home that is dedicated to a long (+3 month) adjustment period
- Dogs on a case-by-case basis
- Other cats
- An indoor only lifestyle
- Must be adopted together.

George and Toby are vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. 

Toby recovery
Toby again
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