Age: ~1

Breed: Italian Greyhound/Jack Russel Terrier X

Known history:

Cats: Known, has exposure to cats in foster home.

Dogs: Known, good with dogs, would do best in a home with another playful dog

Children: Unknown, suspect good with further training.

MEET Froggo, a 1 year old Jack Russel/Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix! Now, we say that's his mix, but we don't really know...all we know is he's 100% adorable!


Though he can be shy at first, that's all a ruse...within minutes this little guy wanted to be friends with everyone! He is very dog-social and will dive into a play bow the second he sees another dog... or cat for that matter! Though he seems fine around his foster homes cats, he has a lot of energy, and may be too much for a cat without further training. But due to his outgoing, playful nature with his foster brother, we think Froggo would really benefit from living with another playful dog.


This sweet boy has wasted no time making himself right at home in his foster placement, and would love to be your couch partner or your hiking buddy. Froggo is a young, energetic dog, still learning his manners. He's a very fast learner, but has some work to do yet on his crate and leash training.


Froggo has a history of few struvite crystals in his urine, meaning he's on a prescription diet. While his previous vet is not concerned for any further issues at all and found no issues such as stones, any adopters should be prepared to follow up with their vet to decide his diet and recheck urine periodically.


Froggo would do best in a home with:

-Routine and training

-Another dog

-Could do well with a cat with further training

-Could do well with children with further training