Underdog is a brand new non-profit serving the Washington State Area pets and people who need it most.






Underdog is a group of seasoned pet experts with years of professional experience in every imaginable field of pet care.
EMILY- President she/they

Emily started her animal career as a pet groomer, later transitioning into shelter work. Now her goal is to improve the shelter experience for both pets and people.

BRITTANY- VP she/her

Brittany started her career in the shelter industry. She later co-founded ZoomieZoomz to serve behaviorally needy pets in the area.

AUTUMN- Secretary she/her

Autumn started in shelter work and is working towards a career in women's health. She's passionate about animal and human advocacy alike.

HANNAH- Treasurer she/her

Hannah worked in a shelter setting. She now works a case worker for human foster networks and is dedicated to the support of both humans and animals

CAMERON- Behavior Director he/him

Cameron currently works for a leading emergency vet in the Washington area, and previously owned his own dog training with a focus on behavior. He dedicates his life to the improvement of animal's daily lives

AMANDA- Director they/them

Amanda began working with animals in the shelter setting. They co-founded ZoomieZoomz to continue their important work with rehabilitating pets.

RACHEL- Historian she/her

Rachel worked in the animal shelter setting and now works as a non-profit coordinator benefiting children's health research. She is passionate about care, human and animal alike.

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Underdog Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation is a group of pet professionals striving to provide relief to other rescues and animal shelters in the area by providing dedicated, resource intensive care to animals that would otherwise be euthanized often due to behavioral difficulties, time constraints, or other limited resources.

We also seek to keep pets out of the shelter entirely by providing resources to keep pets where they belong- with their owners who love them. Underdog works with owners to prevent surrender due to emergency situations such as housing insecurity, domestic violence, injury or illness, behavioral challenges, and more.

Underdogs can be both pets and people, and we believe we can do more to support both the animal and human underdogs in our community.




Whether you have questions, need support, or want to provide support, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form below and a board member will respond. Please bear in mind that Underdog is 100% volunteer based and may take some time to respond. Expect a response within 24-48 hours.

If reaching about and adoptable pet, follow the instructions on our adoption page! We need the pre-adoption questionnaire completed before we can move to the next steps.

We are unable to accept dog surrenders at this time, as we are at our capacity. We are still considering cat surrender applications. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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