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Underdog is a brand new non-profit serving the Washington State Area pets and people who need it most.



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All our animals rely on donations from people like you! Help us save lives!



It's Kitten Season!

Underdog Alum Milton here wants to remind everyone to spay and neuter their pets!

Due to loss of vital spay/neuter services during the Pandemic, we're seeing an astronomical population boom in kittens again in 2023. There are a lot of needy kittens out there.

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Who we are:

Underdog is a foster-based rescue located in North Seattle, servicing the Greater King County area. We prioritize intake for urgent community needs, as well as high-risk shelter animals that may need extra support or time. Our priority is to help full shelters and stressed people find support for their animals in need.

Underdog is a group founded by rescue professionals who have seen the need first hand for dedicated, experienced rescues to provide support to overburdened communities, rescues, and shelters.

Among our board members and volunteers, we have experience in most professional animal industries: shelters, rescues, veterinary hospitals and clinics, day care, dog socializations and training, and more. We want to use our experience to help animals needing that extra time, resources, and love to get the outcome they deserve. 

What we do:

Our mission is simple: to do what's right for animals and their people. Whether that's behavioral rehabilitation, surgery, medical treatment, long-term care strategies, etc, Underdog makes sure to take the time and energy to treat these animals and their families the way we would want ours to be treated.

While that may sound simple, that's not always what's done because it's not easy. But that's why we're called Underdog; it's all about the come back stories.


We take the time to assess every animal in our care behaviorally and medically, give them time to blossom in foster, and make the right adoption pairing to last a lifetime.

And we mean a lifetime; Underdog will provide behavioral support, guidance, and more for the life of your Underdog. We also provide behavioral services such as animal pairing specific adoptions (meaning an Underdog counselor will meet with your existing pet and work to find a good match), animal introductions for new family members, and more.

Questions? Use the form at the bottom of the page to reach out!

Toothless: Toothie was a puppy struggling to thrive in a crowded eastern WA shelter. She's the ideal Underdog, and is thriving in a foster home.




Contact us:

Questions? Please use the form below to reach out. We are a volunteer based organization, so please allow 48-72 hours for a response. Thank you!

Interested in adopting a pet you saw on PetFinder or Facebook? Visit our Adoption page.

Interested in surrendering an animal in your custody? Visit our Intakes page.

Please note: Surrender requests are accepted only on a case-by-case basis. We have limited intake options for dogs at this time.

All other requests, use the form below!

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